What Makes Us Different

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    Our Exclusive Lifestyle Questionnaire

    This goes far beyond just name, address, and favorite colors. We want an in-depth look at your style, your preferences, your taste, and how you live. Our goal is not simply to transform your home, but, in the process, to create a positive impact on your fitness, your family, your fun and your finances. When we change your interiors, we are changing your life and we consider it an honor to work with you. The better we know you, the more beautiful and impactful a difference we can make.

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    Our Guarantee

    You are guaranteed a winning experience and lasting success. I am the lead on every project, ensuring your complete satisfaction. With a team of talented artisans, trades people, workrooms, and contractors at my fingertips, you are assured the essential expert resources for your project.
    Each custom project reflects you and your family’s uniqueness; it represents your personal signature captured and translated into timeless comfort and memorable style.

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    Our Design Investment Guarantee

    Each project has an investment cap that we agree never to exceed without your express permission. Design is an investment in comfort, style, and the appeal of your home. Good design will increase the value of your home, and furnishings, artwork, rugs, accessories and more can all be considered moveable money and flexible dollars. The same furnishings can be redesigned into a new home with ease, the investment is made one time and the value is endless.

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    Our Flexible Rate Plans

    We design rate plans to fit your comfort and needs. Whether you prefer a fixed fee, an hourly rate, or cost plus, we’re happy to work with you in a way that accommodates you. We’re happy to share the pros and cons of each and help you make a decision that you’ll be comfortable with and will keep the project on track and your investment well made.

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    Your VIP Savings

    Because we have a world of vendors to choose from, some resources will provide us with a range of discounts. We split our discounts with our clients depending on the rate plan selected, and in the case of cost plus, you get our full discount. There is no savings available on purchases made through retail sources.

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    Your TIME Is Precious

    From our first meeting we want to provide value and make a difference. We offer a comprehensive Home Review, where you get to know us and, first hand, experience our design ideas, creative solutions to sticky challenges, and see the real potential in every room in your home. You’ll get your Home Review Report with room by room recommendations that you can implement on your own or with us. We’ll even share retail sources you can access with ease if you want to do it yourself.

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    Your Communication PEACE OF MIND

    You’ll be kept up to date every step of the way with weekly updates, and guaranteed weekday response of 24 hours to any text, email, or call. And often you’ll get a reply in less than 2 hours. Our working hours are Monday through Friday 8am until 5pm. Weekend or evening appointments can be made as necessary.

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    Your BIG Reveal

    Design is a bit of magic and a lot of expertise. While, of course, you have approval on every item, we install a minimum of one room at a time, never just a single piece of furniture. Context is crucial to a successful design and you deserve to enjoy a “BIG REVEAL.” We will ask that you give us access to the house and either are away for the duration of the installation or agree not to peek.

Change Your Interiors, Change Your Life

Welcome, I’m Melissa Galt, Atlanta interior designer, lifestyle expert, and change maker. I believe that your home is your external heart and that by defining your personal style you are creating your signature life. I am your expert guide, coach and interior designer ready to create your ideal home and, in the process, help you realize the life of your dreams.

My team ensures that you receive the highest level of customization and attention to detail. Whether we are working one on one with you as a busy professional or you have a family to please, together we’ll craft your interiors to match your interior vision of comfort, style, and unique personality.

Our Approach and Process

In today’s digital society and warp speed world, it’s important to be able to enjoy your home now, whether it’s a home you’ve been in for a while, a new house you just moved in, or perhaps it’s a vacation home or weekend getaway.

We specialize in QUICK TURNAROUND projects that are full turnkey (ready for you to enjoy), typically 30-90 day completions. This time frame is from the time of agreement signature to completion of your room, floor, or entire home. This may include remodeling or renovation, depending on what you desire. We can handle all of your interior design needs from floor to ceiling, basement to the top floor.

Full Scope of Interior Design Services Include:

• Color Schemes
• Spaceplanning and Furniture Layout
• Paint and Wallcovering
• Faux Finishing and Decorative Painting
• Tile/Hardwood/Stone
• Carpet and Rugs
• Fabric Selections
• Furnishings and Upholstery
• Lamps and Lighting
• Window Treatments
• Custom Cabinetry and Built-Ins
• Artwork and Accessories
• Linens and Bedding
• Tabletop/China/Silver/Glass
• Bath Softgoods

Some of Our Specialities

Whether you want us to work on room, one level, or the whole house, we have the complete interior design services and creative talent you’re looking for. We’ll even provide landscaping service referrals so your outside looks as good as your inside.

Our goal is to deliver your custom interior transformation on time (we’ve never missed a deadline) and on investment (because interior design has a limitless ROI) so you can live the well-designed life you deserve and desire. We look forward to being of service, Give Us a Call Today.

Are you buying a new home and dread the moving process? Perhaps you’re ready to start over and don’t want to tackle it yourself? Call us.

We provide a complete interior design service both using what you have and filling in with new pieces as appropriate or giving you a completely new look. The best part is that I and my team work on 30-90 day completion, so you aren’t left in limbo for long. And we can even take care of unpacking and organizing what you do have to eliminate those boxes and have you enjoying your new home in no time.

If possible, we love to make the transformation before you move in. Design is a bit of magic and a lot of expertise, we find that we can work most successfully with your approval on major pieces and your go ahead on the little details to make it all come together in an inviting, personal solution that meets your lifestyle and entertaining desires. We work with you to deliver a beautiful life!

Have you found a great weekend getaway or family retreat and are eager to begin enjoying it? Perhaps you bought at the holidays and want to be in and decorated by your children’s Spring Break? Or you purchased your dream place at the end of the summer and want to be in at the holidays? You can be, we can make it happen.

We specialize in turnkey interior design that brings you from an empty shell to a completely decorated residence down to the towels in the bath, linens on the bed, and food in the refrigerator in 90 days or less. And if you want this to be a rental property, we’re delighted to design with rental guests in mind.

You don’t need to bring more than a suitcase to enjoy your new haven and interior design. We handle all the details from space planning and furnishings purchases, to installation and finishing touches. We understand you are busy and want a professional to deliver your dream retreat or rental. Let us take care of the rest.

Do you have a great home but just need more room? Maybe you’ve considered making that basement your family retreat, adding a media room, wine cellar, kid’s lounge, or all three. Perhaps you are ready for that master suite finally, after all if not for you two the house and the kids wouldn’t be here!

We provide full remodeling services, from creating your wish list to space planning, to color schemes and furniture selection. We work exclusively with NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry) contractors, providing on time construction and renovation.

In this day and age when travel is more trial than fun, clients often decide to skip a second home and instead transform the one they have. It won’t look like anyone else’s home. We’ll deliver the options you want in entertaining, room for friends and family, dedicated space for that special collection or whatever else you desire. We deliver life more beautifully and with more comfort.

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